Kromag Ltd is the first Ukrainian manufacturer of PVC furniture edges, founded in 2014 in Mykolayiv, Ukraine.

Company “Kromag” specializes in the manufacture of PVC furniture edges of various sizes and colours, among which standard and non-standard sizes and colours can be distinguished. Non-standard PVC furniture edges are the edges, which are produced according to the individual orders of the customers.

The standard sizes include four sizes: 22*0.6; 22*1.0; 22*2.0 and 42*2.0; the rest are considered as non-standard. At present, there are more than 20 non-standard sizes. Kromag’s products are made only of high-quality raw materials of European origin (Poland, Italy, and Germany) with the use of the latest (advanced) technologies.

There are four technological lines, purchased in Italy, that are used to manufacture Kromag’s PVC furniture edges: three lines – modern twin-screw extruders and one line – the JumboRoll line, which was launched in 2017, and allowed the company to significantly increase its production capacity and expand the range of furniture edge sizes for consumers.

The JumboRoll furniture edge manufacture consists of three steps:1. Manufacture of the base layer of future furniture edge;2. Application of paints and primers on the base layers of future furniture edges, which is carried out using the technology of deep printing; 3. Cutting the big reels, made on the JumboRoll line, on the smaller one of the required size, that is done on two Italian cutting machines.

The use of JumboRoll has allowed Kromag to retain an optimal ratio between the product quality and price for the Ukrainian market.

In addition, Kromag LTD has highly qualified specialists-colorists, who are engaged in the development of new furniture edges and improvement of already existing one.

The Kromag Furniture Edge Collection consists of 138 standard and 42 non-standard unicolour and wood-like edges. The presented furniture edges were designed (developed) for chipboards of such trademarks as Kronospan, Swiss Krono, Swisspan and Egger. As well as chipboards, KROMAG furniture edge is presented in different textures: smooth, pearl, wood-like structure and so-called linea.

All Kromag products are going through a final quality and compliance with established norms check before entering the market. It makes Kromag furniture edge competitive and worthy rival, which does not concede other market players / western furniture edge manufacturers.

Despite the young age of Kromag, its furniture edge is already sufficiently well known for both domestic and foreign clients. Kromag actively works to increase the dealer network and now has at least one trade representative office in each major city of Ukraine, thus creating comfortable conditions for ordering and receiving furniture edge by any domestic furniture manufacturer.

Kromag takes care of its clients, that’s why has given due consideration to all the comments and wishes of its customers, constantly improving the service and quality of products.