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KROMAG LLC (KROMAG) is the only Ukrainian manufacturer of furniture edges.

The main advantages of the company’s products are excellent quality, reasonable price and, above all, the best on the market for tile decors. The company KROMAG LLC conducts a study of the market of furniture plates and accessories, analyzes consumer demand for plates of world famous brands, monitors their innovations, trying to select, develop and offer our customers the most suitable edge decors in time.

Thus, we strive to satisfy the wishes of all, even the most demanding, buyers. Last year, the company invested heavily in the new JumboRoll edge production technology, replenishing its technological equipment with modern extrusion lines, a multi-color printing line with revers printing technology, and auxiliary cutting lines.

This modernization of the company allowed Kromag to offer today to Ukrainian furniture manufacturers an edge for any possible, even the most atypical size, taking into account both width and thickness. At the same time, the extended offer allows the company to maintain the optimum ratio for the Ukrainian market for the quality and price of its products.

Participation of the company in furniture exhibitions and presentations allowed to gain the reputation of a reliable partner, manufacturer of high-quality PVC edge. And as practice shows, this is one of the best ways to be closer to the client, to have the opportunity to listen to him and share with him his plans and achievements.

In order to meet the needs of the edge of retail customers in different regions of the country, KROMAG is working hard to expand its dealer and sub-dealer network. TM KROMAG is a fairly young brand in the furniture market of Ukraine and neighboring countries, but has already taken a strong position as a leader, working with well-known furniture manufacturers.
An integrated approach to solving the tasks set by customers of exclusive decors, and ample opportunities for manufacturers of exclusive furniture are the basis of the success of KROMAG.

There is no limit to the talent and creativity of real furniture designers, they need new horizons for the realization of their ideas and fantasies. KROMAG company with great interest considers the needs of furniture manufacturers, helps to implement all, even the most courageous, decisions in furniture style.

25 May 2017|