Kromag launches edge production with the new JumboRoll technology – Furniture Magazine

The company “KROMAG”, a Ukrainian manufacturer of PVC edges, begins the new 2017 with a significant increase in its production capacity and the expansion of the supply of edges in the new specification. last year, the company invested heavily in the new JumboRoll edge technology, replenishing the fleet of its technological equipment with modern extrusion lines, the reverse printing printing line, as well as the auxiliary lines for cutting edges.

This modernization of the company allowed Kromag to offer Ukrainian furniture manufacturers an edge for any possible, even the most unusual size, taking into account both the width and the thickness. At the same time, the expanded offer allows the company to maintain the optimal balance of quality and price of its products for the Ukrainian market.

As a national Ukrainian manufacturer, Kromag uses the most up-to-date western technology of edge production. The average age of machines in the company is not more than three years, and the new line JumboRoll uses the latest technology developed, which was not available a year ago. All components used in production are supplied from Europe. The products are subjected to careful quality control, so that the edges of Kromag are in no way inferior to Western competitors. At the same time, representatives of the company point out that Kromag is the only company in the market that offers edges designed specifically for Ukrainian plates.

The company’s new strategy aims to maximize the share of Kromag brand products in the Ukrainian market in 2017, reducing the share of foreign producers in Ukraine to 10%. In addition, the company plans and a significant expansion of export geography. To date, Korm has exported its products mainly to CIS countries. This year, Kromag plans a strong expansion to Western markets, especially to its closest neighbors – to Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and the country.
The Baltic states

15 May 2017|