1504, 2019

New decors is available

15 April 2019|

We would like to inform you that three new decor were added to our catalog: 33.02 Rigoletto Light more details .. 51.01 Country  more details .. 53.01 Light Atelier more details ..

2505, 2017

KROMAG – 100% customer focus – Furniture Magazine

25 May 2017|

KROMAG LLC (KROMAG) is the only Ukrainian manufacturer of furniture edges. The main advantages of the company's products are excellent quality, reasonable price and, above all, the best on the market for tile decors. The company KROMAG LLC conducts a study of the market of furniture plates and accessories, analyzes consumer demand for plates of world famous brands, monitors their innovations, trying to select, develop and offer our customers the most suitable edge decors in time. Thus, we strive to satisfy the wishes of all, even the most demanding, [...]

1505, 2017

Kromag launches edge production with the new JumboRoll technology – Furniture Magazine

15 May 2017|

The company "KROMAG", a Ukrainian manufacturer of PVC edges, begins the new 2017 with a significant increase in its production capacity and the expansion of the supply of edges in the new specification. last year, the company invested heavily in the new JumboRoll edge technology, replenishing the fleet of its technological equipment with modern extrusion lines, the reverse printing printing line, as well as the auxiliary lines for cutting edges. This modernization of the company allowed Kromag to offer Ukrainian furniture manufacturers an edge for any possible, even the [...]

1502, 2017

Magazine Furniture Technologies – No. 1 January-February 2017

15 February 2017|

Sergey Pokotilo: “KROMAG products are high quality, affordable price and the best fit to the plates ... and we do all this in Ukraine” KROMAG Company (Kromag Ltd.) as the only Ukrainian manufacturer of furniture edges began a new 2017 year with a significant increase in production capacities and expanding the supply of edges in the new specification. All of this is the result of a powerful investment in JumboRoll technology, launched last year. Although there were a lot of skeptics on the market, the company confidently proves that [...]

2211, 2014

Volodymyr Moiseenko: Ukrainian edge soon dominate the market

22 November 2014|

Ukraine confidently establishing new production of basic materials for furniture making: in Novovolynsk commissioned a new plant of chipboard, subsequently in Korosten began to produce its own MDF, and recently in Mykolayiv has established production of PVC-edge. With the new domestic manufacturer of edge materials and its products, we acquaints one of the owners of the company «Kromag» Volodymyr Moiseenko. […]